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Moriah Anna, Neo-Druidism, Elves. Spiritual, Straightedge, Hampton Va, Happily Taken, Creepy,Lightly Modified, Positive, Adventurer, Amateur Osteologist, i like Symphonics and Doom, What most may call the fantasy world... is very real to me.
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Etymology, Mythology, Epistemology, And World Of Warcraft rule my life.
Adopt one today!
Gucci down to the socks. 🎀✨
Mozzy stop growing. You aren’t a baby anymore 😭😭😭

Anonymous said: do you even like tumblr anymore?

honestly no not really 

everyone thinks their opinion matters, every feminist thinks they’re changing the fucking world on here..3/4ths of them just want something to bitch about. I so wish men would start their own movement because they’re held up to standards just as much as these lame ass feminists think females are. 

everyones wippin their breasts, penises , and vaginas out how does anyone think thats ok? liberating? or even hot? i have no clue what people are thinking now of days

everyone thinks there a sub breed of human on here… SUB BREED. homie get a life 

everyone is a sad sap on here who thinks its cute to be a sad sap. NAH nobody likes sad people 

people think they’re changing the world on tumblr but they aren’t . 

i just get on here to see some cool pictures sometimes but for the most part i hate it. i like some people on here but they aren’t all about all that nonsense above so i mean whatever/ 

I’m sure ill get some snooty messages on here that i won’t care about reading. 

Anonymous said: Can you please post a picture of your ears?? <3

 heres da ears todayyyy 

Anonymous said: Do you consider yourself otherkin

the fuck is otherkin? people be making up the weirdest shit on tumblr. hahaha

Made some cute little dreads today ^_^ check out my etsy if you&#8217;re interested in some!😁❤️
I felt bad for this elephant :(

My sister got a microscope for her birthday
Mozzy knocked out😭❤️

Linda Vachon - ‘blanche’