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Hey there this is my personal blog, eyesofsuns is my babe, i love World of Warcraft, rats, and am a body modification enthusiast and an explorer of the occult and also occult artist.


My grey druzy TDs came in the mail today from Alternative Earth Organics (AEO)!!

they have SO much sparkle and little rainbows in the tiny crystals! i’m so in love <3 man they do amazing work!

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Anonymous asked: Can i see a picture of your ears??


Mount Hyjal
My gifs! :3

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Here’s my healed crescent moon I did on myself a while back :) love the way it came out! #diy #scarification #skinpeel #cutting #scar #modsbymatt #piercingsbymattblake #healed #yolo

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Anonymous asked: The points, how do they do it and is there scaring or does it heal up pretty well?

My ears? It’s really all in you how they heal weather you take super good care of them or just kinda leave them. For me healing was good it sucked and was painful but it all paid off.



Here is some more of the awesome pieces we got in yesterday, 2g brass and rough fluorite hangers at the Boston tattoo company (at The Boston Tattoo Company)

If you flip a photo of bats hanging upside down, they look like they’re having a wicked dance-off.

I want them